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    It is in the autumn of 2008 that the Kovalev and Friends Foundation for children saw its first days. This beautiful story began after a first meeting between Alex Kovalev and Suzanne Vobecky at the Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal.

    The two
    future founders, then involved in international aid that brought them together, quickly realized they shared the same dream to help children with heart desease. Alex Kovalev hockey Emeritus, the Magician, who himself suffered a heart disorder during his childhood understood the need of the cardiac children to give them hope in the fulfillment of their dreams and Suzanne Vobecky, pediatric cardiac surgeon, working all day with children with heart disease, realized that healing was well beyond the correction of any physical illness.

    only took a spontaneous but sincere speech from Alex: "you are like me, you can not win alone neither" and that's how it all began, meetings and consultations later it was clear that our Foundation had its reason to exist and surrounded by a volunteer and enthusiastic team we are proud of its mission and its accomplishments.


    This is really how it all began!


    Suzanne and Alex


    The Kovalev and friends for kids Foundation’s mission is ensuring and promoting the physical and emotional health of young cardiac patients.

    In Quebec and in Canada, the Foundation’s mission will consist in ensuring that children with heart challenges will fell good about themselves. This mission is to be achieved through sport, educational, artistic and fun activities.

    At the International level, the Foundation’s mission will consist in ensuring that children with heart challenges have access to the same quality health care as children in Canada or Quebec. This transfer of medical know-how, will be available through the training of local heart surgeons in the techniques of specific paediatric heart surgery.

    Such a transfer of medical knowledge will be done, upon the request of local medical teams, by Canadian and Quebec paediatric heart surgeons, who will, during their free time and at the expenses of the Foundation, train local heart surgeon, into becoming more familiar with the specificities of paediatric hearth surgeries.

    The Foundation The Foundation

    The Foundation is more determined than ever to ensure a good quality of life for children with heart challenges by fostering strong and committed relationships with any other charitable organisation, locally or worldwide, sharing the same core values than those of the Foundation.

    The Foundation shall accomplish its mission in the utmost respect of the children, their family, their culture, their medical team, their country and our planet earth. The Foundation believes in teamwork.

    The Foundation also believes that we can learn from other cultures. Our international journey and sharing of know-how will bring us as much or even more than the other way around, by teaching us other ways of doing things and other ways of life.


    You represent the hope and the energy that allow us to continue our mission, day after day. You are the reason behind all of the efforts that we undertake. May you continue to grow and be inspired by the stories of the many brave children who are merely beginning the fight of their lives.

    It doesn’t matter where in the world, or which socio-economic class they come from, cardiac malformations affect one in every 100 babies – a condition that is 10 times more common than cancer or leukemia among children. Some of these deadly malformations must be treated immediately after birth, while others (the majority) must be treated within the first months or years of life. While the cause of these congenital malformations remains unknown in 90 per cent of cases, they are also the major cause of death among newborns.

    In Quebec, a child with a congenital malformation has access to the highest level of medical treatment (surgery or catheter intervention). The survival rate in these cases is close to 97 per cent.

    Advances in medicine now allow doctors to save more and more lives. The surgical interventions may be more complex, but the stress related to the disease alone, along with its impact on the children, the parents and families remain high (regular medical visits, multiple examinations, medication, physical restrictions, social isolation, absenteeism at work and at school, financial hardship for families). A childhood spent under these conditions takes on a whole new direction, and dreams can often seem unattainable.

    Abdel Gaston Juliette Felix Pier Olivier Alexandre Benjamin
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